Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday!


I did much better this week at taking photo’s. Basically back to normal.


This week sure flew by! With daddy gone the last three days, I kept us super busy, so there wouldn’t be room for cranky babies. If you want to follow along I’m GT4936 on Instagram (there’s a button in the sidebar too).wpid-IMG_20130920_095215.jpg

Roar!! He came up to me and said “Mommy, help, on, peeeez.”


This guy is really popping out of his shell lately. It’s crazy when you recognize huge changes in your children. He has made some big advances recently. He tries to have conversations now. It is often the same question or answer over and over, but still he’s getting there. wpid-IMG_20130921_154150.jpg

They really are opposites. How many opposites in this picture can you find? And go!wpid-IMG_20130922_180149.jpg

A little last minute fall celebration.IMG_20130922_164035

Complete with pumpkins.IMG_20130922_181240

Cute kids, and grilled food. All before I had to work on Sunday night. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, by the lake. It is nicer now that my kids are a little bit older. We can do more spontaneous things like this, when people call last minute. wpid-IMG_20130923_120710.jpg

I haven’t spoken much about it, but I have been back to working out. Hard. Like before kids, hard. It really feels good. It is almost freeing, plus I get an hour away from my kids too.


What doesn’t necessarily feel as good? Working out abs and then trying to sit up straight on the vertical bike. Good luck Chuck. I have been doing this for a while, but for some reason this week I am feeling a lot of changes. I have been increasing reps this week, as things are getting easier. For some reason I just really killed myself on ab day.wpid-IMG_20130924_121711.jpg

Balboa Park. There is a lot of beauty there. Now that we are outside of San Diego city limits we don’t go as often as we once did. Sometimes I think it is good to stop and look at the beauty in the everyday. Or just be a tourist in your own town. I am sure there are great things here that I have yet to do.


The kids always want to play in this fountain. You aren’t exactly supposed to, but people always are. Maybe one time I will let them. This day we went to the Science Center.wpid-IMG_20130925_181016.jpg

How cute is she? Just when I think she has forgotten about a toy that she owns, she wants to use it. She came up to me telling me “I can do it myself,” except, she can’t. I helped her tie the elephant on and she played all afternoon, just like this.

Imitation is flattery, right? I love her.wpid-IMG_20130926_141235.jpg

What happens when the bubbles get dumped out into the water table? Well my daughter finds a sponge. And starts washing things. We didn’t miss the opportunity to let them “wash dishes.” They won’t want to do those things forever.


Totally not slave labor, and you then won’t have to wash their toys. Let them do it!wpid-IMG_20130926_141523.jpgTotal ham. And great lighting.


That’s it!


What were you up to?

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2 Responses to 'Another Week In Photos'

  1. Kari says:

    Great pics! You always do the most wonderful things with your kids. I’m trying to get better, it will happen eventually.

    • Gwen says:

      Awe thank you lady. Umm miss craft queen and play kitchen all the afternoons away, you are doing great! You are a great mommy.

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