Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday everyone! We have all survived another week.

I realized this week that I really haven’t been taking very many photos. I haven’t been using my DSLR or phone. I am not exactly sure why either. I guess K2 has reached the point where I need to be more hands on. I have also been totally okay with just leaving my phone in the bag, car, or house.

This is his sister’s hat. Not only did he find it on his own, he also got it on his head without help. He then walked around naked all morning with just the hat on. He acted as if it wasn’t even there. He usually takes hats off if you put them on. Just getting a photo of him in a hat is a feat.

This floppy cow girl hat with a purple flower, no problem. Southern Belle at heart.


The other afternoon for some reason when I said “I love you” at nap time, it just made him cry. Like cry his eyes out cry. So I picked him up and rocked him. That both calmed his crying down and put him to sleep.

I decided to take his pillow off of his bed to lay back and savor the moment. It is likely the last time I’ll have one of my babies sleep on me, because well, they aren’t babies anymore.

Laying there I realized that those little moments are what mommies and daddies crave when their babies are babies no more. Hence big family’s.


The big lunch time debate; Is daddy at home, or at work?

These two get so spirited when arguing with each other. Neither one backs down. The can’t stand to be seperated either. One goes to time out, they are both in time out. It’s silly.

They are two strong personalities. From parents each with strong personalities. Look out world. Oh, and someone reserve me some counseling in 10 years, I’m gonna need it.

Yesterday we had a playground play date planned with some friends. The bathroom closest to the playground was closed and we went into the library. We were lucky and found out that it was preschool story time! So the girls got do to an unplanned craft. They made cute little sheep. K1 was very excited about her’s.

What were you up to?

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