Another Week in Photos

After working at 4 this morning I came home and went back to bed. Real exciting stuff over here.


We have an exciting day planned for the kids so I will be brief.


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IMG_20131011_115716Another day at Balboa park. We are getting our money’s worth from our science center membership. The Navy was apparently doing PT. They were singing the whole time, and this little guy was stunned. All I could really make out what “Go Navy go!”

IMG_20131011_140922Grid locked at the Starbucks drive thru. Sometimes I treat myself after the gym, but it’s a juggling act. I don’t want either of the kids to fall asleep before we get home. I was lunch to happen first, oh and both kids to sleep at the same time. Lines like these do not work in my favor.

IMG_20131011_144519K1 is 3.5 years old, and has loved on this dog since she could scoot herself over to her. This day, she learned that there was a way to call Scarlet over and she would listen. End result, not napping. She was so happy that Scarlet listened I couldn’t even break it up. It was so sweet.

IMG_20131012_143053Christmas gift crafting

IMG_20131013_205634And more Christmas crafting

IMG_20131014_154655Questioning what to do on this Christmas craft. I want the pennants to say L-O-V-E …. just need to figure out the best way (I didn’t attach them yet).


It looks like all I did all week is craft but I assure you I did not. I did a bunch of crafting two days and none since I hit a wall.

IMG_20131017_113455I had another migraine Wednesday evening. I have hereditary migraines, and a few very obvious triggers. Thursday I decided to quit coffee for a while. I still took myself to Starbucks, I just got Green tea instead. It used to be my thing, back before kids, and coffee.


Don’t worry I won’t quit coffee forever, I need to at the start for a few weeks. Then later I can have it occasionally. Caffeine is a migraine trigger, so I should have it everyday. I’m kind of setting myself up if I do.


October is Bully-prevention awareness month, and yesterday was Spirit day. I shared a letter I wrote to K1 yesterday. You can read it here. While your there enter in my Giveaway.


What were you up to this week?

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