Another Week In Photo’s

Happy Friday! I hope all you lovelies had an amazing week.

Daddy was off yesterday and today so we are off for another day of family fun today.

Anyways, let’s get to what you came for! If your looking for a sneak peak you can follow along with me on Instagram, I am gt4936.

This is a little something I knitted up for my mug swap partner. You’ll be able to see the finished product in my reveal post, which should be tomorrow.

It felt good to knit. Last year I had such plans for knitted Christmas gifts, but summer here was like nothing I expected, and long. So so long. It will be hot hot hot, here until mid October, ugh.

I actually had so much fun making this I was thinking of gifting some more, and selling some. I have knitted two more already.

Lately it seems like everyone is talking about juicing. Well this is my ultra fancy juicer. The old fashioned arm powered type. Hey, it gets the citrus juicing job done.

After watching a video from Fully Raw Kristina I decided I needed some juice. With 7 oranges on the counter it seemed easy enough. It was a nice tangy tasty way to start the morning. The kids and my friend enjoyed it too.

Yesterday we went on a gentle hike and let both kids walk the whole way. Crazy. The littlest one K2 is very “rough and tumble.” He fell down so many times and didn’t want up.

Random fact: K1 was afraid to get up on the rock she is standing on. I placed her up there simply so I could take a photo. Her smile hides it well, huh?

My three year old K1 has taken lot’s of photo’s on daddy’s phone, but zero on mine. She is the factory reset queen and so I don’t let her near my phone. Well yesterday I let her snap a few shots and after getting her started a few different times, I got three photos of fingers. This was the least finger-y photo.

Our picnic lunch on the rocks by a creek which is currently swampy. There was something creeping around in the reeds near us which made lunch time extra exciting for the kids. Daddy said there was a tiger coming. K2 told the three passersby that a tiger was coming. They didn’t understand him cause he’s 20 months old and people often still need a mommy or daddy translator, but still he’s so nice warning them of danger and all.

What exciting thing did you do this week?

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3 Responses to 'Another Week In Photo’s'

  1. Anne Bickle says:

    Yay for the mug swap! I also made a little something for my partner. It felt good to be creative again. I need to get back to knitting. I stopped when my littlest kept pulling out my stitches… ugh. I loved the finger-y picture. So cute. Have a great week! xo

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      I agree, yay for the mug swap! It really did feel good to be creatvive. It’s crazy that we forget how great it is. Neither of the kids pulled out stitches per say, but I was knitting something with four DPN’s and my daughter pulled out two of them …… grr.

  2. Lauren Huber says:

    What fun pictures! I’m hoping the cool weather comes and stays awhile so that I can get back into knitting this fall/winter, too!

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