Another Week In Photo’s

It that time again.

This was a quiet week for me on Instagram.

Wanna follow along? I’m gt4936 on Instagram.

It’s fall Starbucks? Really? Where?

Well not here.

On the day I got their email it was 100 degrees out. Oh and ps, our hottest days of the year are still ahead. Happy fall though!

Maybe to me it’s not fall when it doesn’t cool down, because I am really from that place, where it snows in the winter. Maybe. Or maybe fall makes me think of orange-y leaves, not the green ones we will still have here.


I decided to turn on the AC on one of those hot days. Then magically got the kids to color and do dot to dots, quietly. Can we do this all day every day? Please? No? I didn’t think so.

A little craft time after the kids went to bed.

Working on more cozies. This one is different. I’m trying to perfect my design. I’ll let you know how that goes.


A movie, that none of the kids watched, watermelon, and friends. Perfect, messy afternoon.

You turn! What were you up to?

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