Another Week In Photos

Another week has gone by. Can you believe it?

I like this little weekly post. It encourages me to go back, and look at the last week again. Sometimes life is so busy I forget to stop and take a picture. Other times you, and my followers on instagram, wish I DIDN’T stop and take a picture. Even if they are simple, it’s really nice to review what has already gone by.

Either way here it is. The past week, in all it’s grainy glory.

After a book club play date, I drove home with a migraine. K1 was napping, and this little guy refused to transfer from the car to his bed. He woke up as soon as we got inside. Basically he got a huge bowl of snacks, to keep him quiet. Win, win. By the look on his face I am sure you can tell he hated the idea. Really. Hates. Snacks. Hah!

Night time, family bike ride. Kids are all strapped in ready to go.
Helmets, check. Lantern, check.
Off we go!

K1 loves to go for bike rides. K2, well let’s just say this photo is an accurate emotional capture. He gets upset. We are pretty sure it’s the helmet. It is just not quite the right fit for him. For now it will have to work. He’ll grow into it or something like that.

When your on a budget and want a snack what do you do?

Me? I head to the kitchen and see what Betty Crocker can help me make. 

For these I substituted whole wheat flour, and almond extract to make chocolate chip cookies. Clearly I am out of vanilla extract. 

By the way, these were great. You couldn’t tell they were made with whole wheat. The almond was a great before taste, nice twist on a classic. 

(Note. I always use margarine. I no longer consider it a substitution, but it is. Just thought I should share.)

This little sweetie is on her way to recovery. Slowly, but surely.
This photo was taken the day her drains were removed. She has also had her stitches out, and no longer needs to wear a shirt. She is sporting the craziest hair cut of all times. Still on limited activity until her follow up x-ray in another 2 1/2 weeks. She’s getting there.

Home made, old timey, pop corn. In my house. Coconut oil, a little margarine, and pop corn. All. back in the day like, and stuff.
Try it. Your house will smell great. I also recommend adding kettle corn sprinkle, but do what you like.

The Dr Doggie flower arrangement that arrived on our door step also looks good on a bear. Who knew? Oh yea, me. Yup.
I thought the kids would just get a kick out of this. I was right, they did. However, I got to witness, none of the fun. But then again, neither did the sender. Oh well. It’s not about me anyway.

This was the scene, 10 minutes 15 seconds after the gate came down. They missed her. Yea, they were mostly curious about the new, huge, bed. There is plenty of room for everyone, as you can see. 

I am wondering how I am going to clean this thing. Because I It is huge. This will not be going into the washer. Hose it off? Scarlet really does love this peace offering from her attackers.

A Thanksgiving tradition for one of my great friends are “Ants on a log”. We have had Thanksgiving together for 7 years. There have been quite a few jokes about these things. Like “who even eats them”, but for some people tradition just has to be there. You just do it. We have also ended up with “ant mounds” from the “Oh, we forgot to make them” rush.

S really wanted a snack one night and went into the kitchen. It was random that S remembered we had celery because alone, it is not his favorite snack. You can imagine when he came into the living room with this, I had to laugh. 

An early evening family walk around the lake. I really just loved the way the lights reflected off of the water. It was a very calming walk. 

You would think that daddy and I would have time to talk while on a walk, but no. K1 is just non stop stories now a days. She has to be asleep for either of us to get a word in. 

The vet that is caring for Scarlet is a mess. That is the best, and nicest way I can say what I’m thinking about our experience so far. They claim that 3:30 is the best time to bring her in. Trying to be a nice fiancee and dog mommy I pack up the kids, and dog. Then drive to the vet. Unpacked all of us and signed in at 3:35. At 4:05 we were still waiting. Seriously? That is when I snapped this shot. 

The kids were doing great, and only just starting to unhinge. What I’m about to admit makes me laugh a little, but I didn’t really try to shush my kids. I figured at that point, we would get outta there faster. Let them be crazy. I mean these people didn’t even say “Hi” to me, or give me an idea of how long it would be, so, oh well. Nice echo-y waiting room too.

What did your week look like? Have you ever let your kids loose out of spite like I did?

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4 Responses to 'Another Week In Photos'

  1. What is a Finance and Mommy?

  2. Elkins says:

    I was going to ask the same question? I love all the pictures, I love the one from the vet the most! I am so happy to see Scarlett up a bit and recovering nicely. Welcome to my life on the non stop talking, it only gets worse. Steven and I were always in trouble at school for not being quite 🙂

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Yea apparently I did a bad job editing this post. I also found another typo that is so bad, I’m not sure what the word was supposed to be. Haha. I didn’t realize how bad all the talking really was. I was also constantly in trouble for talking. So our kids will get it from both of us.

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