Another Week In Photos

Did you see that?

Another week has already gone by, just like that. I missed it too it’s okay. Luckily I took some photos with that handy camera in my phone.

Last Friday I took the kids to the childrens museum. It works out that a couple Fridays a month, local businesses sponsor finger painting. As you can tell, this little lady loved it. Finger painting at the museum was way better than at home. They have an awesome easel, with clips to hold the paper. At home it’s just on the floor. Much messier, and more stressful for mama.

The origional picture (not all instagrammy) came out so cute I want to print it and frame it.

I hardly ever stop and take a self portrait. The MySpace era left me unscathed. I remain the same. However every now and then I do have to stop and snap a shot or two. If I didn’t there would hardly any photos of my kids and I. I would like to show them that I was a part of their life.

The bathroom at the museum had an awesome large, well lit mirror. I decided it was the perfect time to snap a quick shot. I didn’t realize there was an equally well lit toilet in the background. Fail.

I went on to snap approxamately 5 of these photos. In each photo K1 ones facial expressions were progressivly more hilarious, until you get to this one. Which I can laugh at without viewing any others. Go ahead laugh. It’s cool.

This mama got a night out. I really should go off on my own more often. Then maybe I wouldn’t come home early the next morning. No I was not drunk or anything of the sort. A cousin was in from out of town, who I hadn’t seen since moving in 2008. I really had a great time. I don’t think I wanted it to end.

Sunday I forced the family out for a hike. This was different than one of our regular hikes. There was a trail guide, which really made things a bit more kid friendly. K1 got to wander around a bit. The trail guide pointed out things we would normally just walk by. She also really tried to engage the kids. The adults even learned a thing or two.

We are still trying vegan meals. It has really been nice. I have really learned a bit more about balancing a meal. I have always known meat, veggies, and a starch. When you take out meat that changes, sort of. It just kind of reverts to what it really should be. Protein, grain, and double vegetables.

The meal in this photo, was a “what are we going to have for dinner?” kind of day. We were easily able to throw something together because of what we have learned. While it’s not vegan, it is vegetarian, balanced, and healthy. That is really what is important.

Can you find the protein? Take a guess.

For real I didn’t know people did this anymore. At least not here, in a city, right? I always envisioned sun kissed women with buckets of water on their head, leaving a lake or river. Low and behold, just take a walk to the grocery store and this is what I see. Maybe I need to learn to do that.

The playground closest to us has been under repair since before Christmas. It’s really a downer. On a regular day we walk there to play. That is so much better than packing up two kids to drive somewhere and play for an hour, to pack them up again and drive home. Nevermind snacks and bathroom breaks. Finally. Finally, the end is in sight. Yay!

What was for dinner last night? 

Homemade pizza. Red sauce, spinach, butternut squash, red onions, red peppers and montery jack cheese. Mmm … Mmm. My toddler can help make it too, score.

What were you up to this week?

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