Another Week In Photos

Last week happened! Here is the proof;

This little miss found her some lipstick. What does any girl do? Try to apply. She actually did pretty good. No mirror or anything. Go girl, go.

When you decide to make an impromptu Superbowl party there must be festive snacks. Then it looks like you were planning the event, for longer than the night before.

Oh, that and these were super easy. I made them up on the fly. I didn’t even have white frosting, I just made some real quick.

Rainbow sprinkles = Extra festive fun

They just make me smile. I think they work for everyone.

I have been working really hard with K1 on counting. First, I know it is possible it might be early, not sure. I try anyhow. I was working on colors with her before she was two, and her pediatrician at the time was like “I ask about that when they are four.” Oh, my bad. (PS She totally knows her colors now)

So I found myself at the $1 store and found this cool puzzle. For a dollar I’ll try it out. Why not? She gets excited about new stuff too. No counting miracles have happened yet. I’ll keep you posted.

If you are visiting from Life Rearranged then you may already know what this is all about.

For everyone else, Jeannett did a whole post about selfies. GO READ AND LAUGH.

I chose to participate in the DFPSTS (duck face, peace sign, toilet seat) Instagram hashtag #selfiesat30. This is the result. It makes me laugh just to look at my own photo. Maybe a little more than the others. Mostly because I am not so big on selfies, and I remember the awkwardness in taking it.

What? Tea parties are for boys too. Ariel, baby, and K2 while K1 naps. They were thirsty.

Last week they finally fixed the playground. Friday it was still not yet open. Yesterday I finally walked the kids over to play. I was certain that it would be open by now for little people to frolic in. It really is a good thing I did too, because today it’s raining.

I know some of you are covered in snow and I am complaining about rain, but …..

I live here for the weather right?

While yesterday was our first day back to the playground, it was this little guys first time playing on the playground. K1 can almost handle herself alone out there. That means this little guy had a chance to play.

His first attempt at the slide. He wanted to go down so bad, but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it. That look of determination melts my heart. I wanted him to keep doing it just so I could live in that little moment and see that little face forever. Too mushy? Sorry.

This is not the best photo. It was what I could manage with my phone, while making sure he didn’t face plant at the same time.

This morning’s coffee. All over the bathroom counter that was cleaned yesterday, for above DFPSTS photo. I guess I didn’t get it right the first time. The coffee or the cleaning that is.

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2 Responses to 'Another Week In Photos'

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing your week in pics…love K2’s slide picture, glad you were able to capture that moment of determination — I’m sure it will be a classic K2 look that shows up time and time again as he grows up. And the lipstick…I must show you the picture of Kayci (shall we call her K-Zero or just plain K?) when she was also but a toddler — rite of passage, I suppose! Enjoy the weekend — XO to all!

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Your welcome … I mean they’re mostly for the distant family. I was also thinking it might very well become his classic, as he did it each time he approached the slide. I would love to see the photo of Kayci. She can be K, Kc, K0 whatever you choose. You’re the mom. 🙂

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