Another Week In Photos

Just a view of our week, filtered by camera phone, and Instagram.

I didn’t realize I snapped so many shots this week. Looks like we had a few photo worthy days. Some weeks you do, some weeks you don’t.

I know that snuggles like these won’t be around for too much longer. I am trying to take advantage when I can.

He gets excited to see the park now. He knows this place. With it’s slides, wood chips, and stairs to climb on. He likes it, a lot.

Can we talk about that hat?

$1. For real. It is felt lined on the inside too. I think it’s cute anyway, but isn’t it just a touch cuter now that you know how much I payed? Don’t lie. You know it is.

One of the waiting rooms at the dog hospital had this poster. At Scarlet’s one week check up after beginning treatment for an auto immune reaction to the antibiotics they gave after surgery.

I also happen to know someone who owns two mini schnauzers and thought they would appreciate this poster. Apparently he had already seen it on the day Scarlet went into emergency care.

A quick family shot upon arrival at the beach.

Daddy wearing arms full checking out the view below the pier.

It’s actually kind of nice that there are slat openings like these on one side of the pier. It means that my mini can walk by herself, and still check things out. She is really enjoying more freedom now a days.

This is one of the two required readings for my English class. While we don’t need it read yet I wanted to read both books ahead of time. This way I could just refresh when the time came to do reports on them and such. With two children reading has to be done when it can be, and not on demand.

So stair stepping and reading at the gym it is. I was also happy to make it to the gym twice this week. It’s been a while.

I made pink pancakes topped with strawberries for my child loves for Valentines breakfast. It’s a super easy slacker move. They loved them, so it was worth the half a second of effort.

Our “Happy Valentines” shot.

Take number 100. I couldn’t get one where no one was blurry. Finally I settled for this.

For Christmas our friend (in the picture) got K1 a fishing pole. Last week we made plans to go fishing, turns out on Valentine’s day. While we only caught leaves the fishing trip was not uneventful.

Reeling in is serious business, which requires copious amounts of concentration.

First. Being aware that there are rocks, and branches does not mean they will not get hooked.

Second. Loose fitting, open backed shoes, that you only wore to match your red and while valentines outfit, are likely not the best choice for fishing.

Third. If you wear said shoes, don’t be upset when one falls in the water while trying to release the hook from previously mentioned branches.

You will look like this. (and promptly go home to rewash your outfit to wear to class that night. No judging)

I said earlier this week we weren’t celebrating Valentines yesterday.

However, our card was already completed. We also had strawberries and chocolate chips on hand. I couldn’t resist. Love was in the air and it moved me. The socks came a couple days earlier from his parents, and daddy hadn’t even a chance to look at them yet. It kind of made our little love spot complete.

Our class last night met in the library. I wasn’t sure where that even was.
Turns out the library is huge. Much bigger than the county library’s I frequent.

What did your week look like?

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  1. Shellsea says:

    Can’t beat a buck for a hat. I love your fishing pictures those look fun and like good memories 🙂

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