Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday everyone!

Take a quick peek into this last week, thanks only to, my cell phone.

K2 is really interested in books now. He opens them and looks at the pages. He will also sit on your lap while you read to him, and he turns the pages. I’m really excited he likes books, I was a tiny bit worried as it seems like it took a little longer for him to gain interest in them than it took his sister.

Kids. Watermelon. Couch.

Protect the couch!
The kids are easier to clean.

This week we I was back on with vegan cooking. We actually had no meat all week! (I’m pretty sure) I am really finding some recipes I love. I actually have come up with a couple of my own. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll share one next week.

This was a mushroom stir fry. Stir fry is so easy, but I only knew teriyaki. I figured there had to be more to stir fry than teriyaki. Guess what. There is! This recipe was meant to be a honey, ginger flavor, but I used maple syrup instead which made it vegan. (I don’t think I will actually give up honey, but we are out) It was tasty, totally worked, and had a great flavor. I will definitely make this again.

On Sunday I didn’t know what were going to have for dinner. S suggested burgers. We have frozen turkey burgers on hand just in case. Naturally that is what he was thinking, suggesting. He went out to play a round of disc golf. When he came home I was in the kitchen messing with the food processor. Somehow he didn’t notice what was going on. It wasn’t until I had patties on a plate that he realized I was “making” burgers. I made chick pea burgers. He went on to say how he meant “burgers” not some vegan burgers.

Heh heh. I really wasn’t trying to pull a fast one. His dinner suggestion gave me an idea that I didn’t have before, and I went with it.

Everyone except K1 really liked them. She ate everything except the actual burger part. Not sure why, cause she eats chick peas no problem.

On Monday I asked S to get oil on the way home to make tacos.

When he came into the kitchen and saw the pan his face dropped. S, “You said tacos. You can’t do this and take the meat out of my tacos. You got away with it yesterday, but this isn’t gonna work.”

He could have been right. I wasn’t sure. I just had an eggplant and I wanted to use it with out a huge trip to the store, to make something like parmigiana  Let me tell you, when we ate them. Mmm … Mmm … Even S agreed they were good. Good enough to be called tacos.

Everyone but K2’s face like these tacos. I may use a different seasoning next time because everywhere the food touched his face it turned red.

Cutest moment ever.

For three minutes K1 kept saying “mmm” and K2 would lean his head down from his high chair for her to give him a kiss.

So sweet. Love this sibling moment.

Just feeding himself breakfast in the morning. With his spoon. He really has gotten the hang of it. Sometimes he needs a gentle reminder not to use his hands, but overall he’s doing great. I thought this day would never come. When I can actually eat breakfast again, and have it still warm.

My school during a 5 minute break. Creepy. Pepper spray anyone?

 What were you up to this week?
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5 Responses to 'Another Week In Photos'

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    The camera bag is from 31 gifts. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!
    *Sarah from limemade

  2. Elkins says:

    What a week, I am glad you carry Pepper Spray to school! I love sweet kid moments…melts the heart 🙂

  3. Love, love, LOVE the sibling kiss! It makes my heart swell when my kids are sweet to each other…

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