Another Instagrammy Update

Happy Friday!

Here’s a little peek into our last few weeks through instagram. 

A little bit of the story behind the photo’s.

A few weeks ago I found this Tumbler account, Thug Kitchen. I forget how I found it. The first time I read through it I thought that it seemed like he was swearing just for the sake of cursing, but then some of it really is funny.

I liked the sound of some of the recipes on there, and this is one of them. Sweet Potato tacos. They were really good. You could add all your regular favorites to these tacos too.

A few weekends ago there was the Western Days parade here in town. We walked over to go check it out, I mean we had nothing else going on, and our neighbors were going too.

First could she take the yogurt thing out of her mouth while talking to people? No. Would she have kept it all day had I not taken it away? Yes. Next time I will not let someone give one to her.

Mostly, she loved all the “Princesses”. It was extra sweet that they all came walking up the street through the crowd. The were just saying hi and handing cards to all who wanted them. K1 told them they had to write her name on it, so she got some personalized ones. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with these? Just waving and taking pictures would have been good enough for her. Now I have more to recycle.

“Just one.”

Need I say more? Check this out

Windy beach day with family. It was really nice.

I should have taken a picture of the real view. Off shore oil rigs. I didn’t realize there more that what is in the Gulf, and so close. Silly me.

If you give a girl a mermaid, she will bury her in the sand. It’s okay Ariel came out of the ordeal unscathed. She lives happily in the doll house at home now.

I thought it was pretty great that she was so taken by Lego Belle that she wouldn’t stop looking at her, even for a photo. This girl loves having her picture taken.

My kids are not into real Legos yet, so they have no appreciation for how much work that would take, they just like the beauty of it. (no pun intended)

Afore mentioned doll house. Happy Birthday little lady. It’s bigger than she is, but she will grow and it won’t.

I found an awesome deal back in December at a local store and snagged this. I then hid it, in it’s box under the bed until her birthday. I had to wake up early and assemble it. Daddy did not help until it sounded like the kiddos were waking up. Together we were able to sneak it into her room before she woke up.

There were fairys we bought the night before scattered in each room. There was one present wrapped up for her to open, which was a small doll for her to play with in the doll house. She was so stunned that it took her a while to find a lunch tin and coloring book we placed on the patio of the house.

She loves it. Score!

Babycakes cupcake on her birthday. Also score one for the whole family. She looks somber in the photo, but she loves cupcakes. (Who doesn’t right?)

Handmade pinata, by me. Easy, but tedious, and time consuming work. I might do it again, not certain about that. Total cost before filling $6. Nice.

This is basically what the finished product looked like. There were some last minute pull strings added. You know to ensure that it was not too difficult for the little ones. Ha ha, that was a joke. It opened, but nothing fell out. I guess I had everything too crammed in there. Oops. I’ll know better for next time. That is assuming there is a next time.

That’s right people. Essay for the midterm, and 2nd class essay. I’m kicking butt and taking names.

Well, except for this research paper. Which is kicking my butt and due on Thursday. Oh and I found out yesterday that I also have to give an oral presentation. Gah! Two more weeks, two more weeks, two more weeks. I’ll just keep reminding myself, maybe that will help.

Dearest Pinterest, you make me crazy. Especially when it is after midnight the day before the birthday party and I look over and see the watermelon that I intended to turn into a pirate ship. Really? Yes really. Pinterest gives me great ideas and I do use them. Thankfully my super awesome neighbor gave me pumpkin carvers to use for this project earlier in the week, and they were awesome. Super awesome, like my pumpkin carving might be even more awesome with one of those.

It’s not perfect, but it was completed. Good enough to eat. Hah. I mean arrrg! (because we’re pirates clearly)

After being up all night finishing everything for a birthday party, this was the morning SURPRISE! 

Good news we live close enough to walk to the party location, and daddy know’s how to put on a spare. So we were saved.

Bad news, we were going to Disney the next day, so new tires to go around were bought after the party. Cha ching. $$

I meant for him to look like a pirate. I think he looks like a thug. I tired, kind of. I didn’t get him an eye patch, and honestly, he wouldn’t have worn it.

We were sitting in Ariels grotto waiting for our table when I snapped this shot. She is getting so big. Where did I go when all this growing up business happened?

She had no idea what we were doing. She says “Ariel is my favorite” all the time, and that was exactly who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. It was a great lunch.

Too much fun, led to more sickness. This little guy wanted to do nothing other than lay on mommy for three days straight. I really need to enjoy it, because those days are flying by faster than I realize.

The first harvest from my container garden. Don’t laugh, I mean something is better than nothing. Especially considering I do not have ideal growing conditions. I picked a few more and added them to a homemade Thai curry. They say that you can taste a difference between fresh green beans and store bought green beans, but I did not notice. Maybe because I did not eat them plain. Or maybe it’s a side by side comparison type of thing.

Eating grapes, watching The Land Before Time, and chilling with Uncle J. We had an awesome day in the kids pool Uncle D got. We were hanging out for Mother’s Day. Grilled dinner, and didn’t have to chase the kids around. The pool kept them in one place. This was the relaxing end to the day.

We won’t discuss the dead car battery we went outside to find.

Wednesday I hosted a play date down by the bay. We blew lots of home made bubbles, with hand made pipe cleaner wands. After that was no longer entertaining we went on to the playground.

I think he liked it. Don’t you?

What did you week look like?

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