Annual Giving Program

We are members of our local YMCA.


This membership has only been made possible for us thanks to their open doors scholarship program which I blogged about before.


Today I was approached by one of their great employees, who informed me that our local East County YMCA is currently looking for individuals to make an impact, and a difference by giving. Patricia Madison works with my kids when S or I go to the gym. She is with them frequently while they are in child watch. They like her, and have lot’s of fun together. So when she told me about her goal I wanted to do what I can to help.


Patricia has set a goal to raise $575 to support low income families in their use of the YMCA. Today she has already raised $176 and is 30% of the way there. This is where you come in. I am asking you to help. I am asking you to donate $1. That is all, no need to go crazy just $1. There aren’t any fee’s through their site, so your $1 will go directly toward helping family’s like ours afford services at the YMCA.


I can attest that their scholarship program has made a difference for our family. Through their classes, here and here, and their free events here and here. Realistically these are just the few times that I decided to write about the benefits we have received. That is not including all those days that I went to the gym just to get a break from my kids.


I have already made my donation today, and I am asking you to also. When you head over to her donation page here if you feel like listing The Gemini Mama as your “company” so that she will know how you found out about it, you can, but don’t feel that you must. It is not about recognition, it’s about helping.


PS every $1 counts. I know, first hand.


This is in no way sponsored post. No one asked me to write about this, I chose to do this on my own because I also want to help.

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2 Responses to 'Annual Giving Program'

  1. Patricia Madison says:

    Thank You so much for your support, my family is assisted by the charity of others as well and it feels good to do good <3 I am glad to hear the impact the Y has made on your life, and the impact I have made on your children's lives. I am also touched by those who have responded to this post, thank you for helping those families that are in need in such hard times!
    ~ Patricia Madison
    (play-care attendant/ member service representative for Cameron Family YMCA)

    • Gwen says:

      You are so welcome! I guess we all have in it us to do our part to help, sometimes we just need a push. So for that, I thank you!

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