All The Knitted Things

They lay collecting dust.

Being a mom has priority’s. Often time they are not myself, or even the things I want to do. Usually they are breakfast, lunch or dinner for 3 or 4. Sometimes they include things like laundry, bathing children, feeding/walking the dog, checking the mail, washing dishes, or grocery shopping (that list could go on forever, I think you get the point). Reading a book is simple enough that I can pop a page or two in here and there, but knitting, where I am consulting a pattern, is just too much for this mama taking a class at night.

Either way I decided to document the dust bunnies. I still do love my yarn, it’s just resting at the moment.

This will eventually become a towel for the kitchen. Its function will be to dry food off that was soaked (like potatoes before they bake in the oven as fries), or grease from things like bacon. It is really easy to knit, but as easy as it is, it does not knit itself.

This was meant to be a gift bag for Christmas. It did not get completed because I still do not have the right size double pointed needles to complete the handle.

Here you see a lone podster. Two fingers, one thumb, the flip top mitten part, and a mate short. They together are a Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe by next Christmas?

No matter how hard I tried black yarn is hard to photograph. No amount of editing made this photo better. It is a completed book cover for my cousin. By complete I mean the knitting is done. It is still in need of embellishments, and buttons. I was going to make buttons. I even bought the clay to do it with, but then I read that they polymers might be bad for an oven you will eat food out of later. So it sits unfinished.

My first blanket project. Still incomplete, but now may become something else. I gave 1/3 of the blanket to my dog after she came home from the vet. I have not interest in knitting this right now anyway. I kind of made up the pattern, and now that I am a better knitter, I can see the flaws in the pattern.

One day I might finish this. It might transform itself into a wristlet bag. I had a hard time finding a pattern for this yarn as there wasn’t a whole lot of it.

Anyhow I’m not sure these qualify as works in progress, because there is not much going on in the whole progress part, but here they are.

What crafty adventures have you been up to?


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