About Me

Hi my name is Gwen. As a mother of two, I live with my children, fiancee, and Springer Spaniel Scarlet. We all currently reside in Southern California in San Diego county. I’m from Massachusetts originally, and even lived in North Carolina before making my way to my current home state.


Before children I loved to travel, and see new places. Today the new places we explore are educational, if your under the age of 5, and usually have a large open play area. Eventually with my children I will have great opportunities to travel, but that is not today. As quickly as I moved away from snowy states, I still have love for the snow. I enjoy snowboarding and sledding. I don’t enjoy waking up 30 minutes to an hour early to dust off my car and shovel. Yet somewhere in my heart I have hopes to live on a mountain. Automatic car starter anyone?


Aside from blogging and child rearing, I enjoy crafting, making useful things for my friends, family, and even myself. My crafting knows no bounds. Meaning I don’t do only do one style, I craft all the things. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, light and sweet, or tea. When in doubt feed me alfredo. For real. I’m a salty type of girl, not so much sweet, just keep the french fries. I’ll have none of that, unless they are seasoned and curly, or sweet potato.


You will find this blog is where I ramble about all the things that are mom. Crafting with kiddos, daily life, milestones, toddler wearing, cloth diapering, home schooling preschool, a touch of container gardening, good reads,  ……. and so on. I love sharing products and ideas that I find helpful.


I hope you will grab a cuppa something tasty and stick around to meet K1, K2, and my fiancee S.