A Week In Photos

Here is a little peek at our last two weeks via Instagram.

Friday night fun. Mommy and Daddy getting started on Christmas presents for the kids. Sadly that piece we started is still left unfinished. Maybe after I finish this post I will go do some more work on it. Hey, I said maybe.

When it is completed the piece pictured will be a wooden play stove. We are going for a play kitchen theme for Christmas this year. The kids really need a new one, and I wanted something that would last. Play kitchen goes all the way into Kindergarden at least so to me it will be worth it.

This will be a joint gift for both of the kiddos. I figure K2 has a birthday in December and he will only be 2 anyway. Joint gift should work out just fine. My hope is to include all our family and friends so that this will be overwhelmingly awesome. I have yet to communicate that to anyone so we will see what happens. It’s early still.

This poor guy is a little bit behind in the teething. Here he is finally passed out from the pain. He got 4 teeth that round, no big deal. (hah) I also believe he is teething again today.

Headed in for my final exam for this super awesome class and I see this. I laughed because who determines what qualifies as low emission and low fuel intake? It’s not like there is an electric charging station there. Silly sign.

This little daredevil. He truly believes he is ready to ride a bike. He may be, but he can not reach the pedals. I think that constitutes him not being ready. Either way that does not stop him from trying.

There was a nearby fairy festival which was a free event. So I dug out both K1’s and my fairy costumes from Halloween, dressed up, packed up, sauntered our way to the party.

Everyone was really very taken with the “Orange Fairy.” Based on my observations at the festival, orange is not a common fairy color. Nice. Way to stand out from the crowd. Orange also happens to complement her hair color, and she was previously a Halloween fairy. (Hence the black accents in her tutu) We did leave out the spider hair bow for this event.

You can not tell in this photo but I am also dressed up. I was a purple Halloween fairy. It is also hard to wear wings when someone is getting a piggyback. Babywearing did make the event possible for us to attend so I am not complainging. 
Poor K2 had to stick to me like glue because I went to this alone.

Mickey ears getting put to good use.

Doing squats of course.

I have been on a smoothie kick the last two weeks. These are just a few that I made with what we had on hand. I really enjoyed the second one pictured more so than the first one.

In case you want to try it;

2/3 of a mango
2/3 of an apple
Handful of chopped broccoli
Handful of cilantro
Few pinches of raw oats
Same amount of flax seed meal
Add almond milk to get the desired consistency

Not science, but surprisingly tasty. Feel free to mix and switch as desired.

Our crayon box is overflowing and messy. Broken, peeled, and dirty crayons fill a majority of the box. I posted this photo on Instagram to see if these crayons were worth melting down. I was curious if the black spots on the sides would ruin the color or not.

Any experience? I would love to hear. I have not done anything with them yet.

This guy was super crazy one morning. He then found these ears in the dress up box and had to wear them. After I carefully placed them on his head he started saying “hop, hop, hop,” all over the house. While simultaneously hopping like a grounded bunny. I love that little kid “jump” where they don’t leave the ground.

With the energy and the ears, I called him the Energizer Bunny. Fitting, don’t you think?

Pinterest pin test. Success. This is a pretty easy and tasty snack. Try it out. Zucchini, tomato, basil, and hummus. The actual pin called for some other ingredients, but that is what I used and is pictured.

I make my own hummus, and this one is a red pepper hummus.

Apparently I was all about food this week. Hope I didn’t make you too hungry.

I honestly never thought that a creme sauce could be vegan, but it seems it can. Silly me. I made this recipe up all on my own and it was yummy! 

Phyllo mushroom turnovers (recipe from Chloe’s kitchen)

Mushroom and zucchini cream sauce over whole wheat spaghetti. 

Mmmmm …. tasty and filling.

What did your week look like? 

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Feel free to see what some other blogger’s were up to this week;
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  1. Looks like you had a great week – and tomato, basil and hummus looks yummy!

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