A Instagraphic Update

Here is a glimpse at a little more than a week in our daily life.

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Nothing fancy, just a cell phone and go!

His new favorite seat at Uncle D’s house. I mean it is his size. Just not quite the intended purpose. See that hole just in front of his face? It is big enough to fit the top of a wine bottle.

Yup, his sitting on the built-into-the-wall wine bottle rack. Don’t worry it’s safe. All wine is out of reach, and it really was a wall before. That is where a space heater once was.

He’s moved on in the sliding world. Now he goes in reverse, as well as face first. Eh, progress is progress.

I decided to make a pinata instead of paying $15. For. Real. This was super duper easy. However, just because it is easy does not mean you will get it done fast and be happy. It was time consuming. I was pretty impressed that I remembered to leave a spot to fill the thing with. Hence why the bottom square in green looks a little cardboardy (yes I just made that word up). It will get stuffed from there and then closed somehow. I did manage to forget a way to hang it. Meh, I’ll just tie a string around the top or something. No. Big.Deal.

Remind me to post a completed picture of it at some point, will ya?

Yes, dear daughter, you did need a nap. We didn’t even walk a mile and this happened. I should have taken a longer walk because she was still cranky later. Notes for next time. With the nap strikes there will be a next time.

After weeks of sickness, everyone had cabin fever. So we decided to pack up runny nosed children and go for a hike.

Like my balancing act? It works. Gives my hands a place to rest and all.

It was great. Hard, but great. Made me remember that I like hiking. We plan to go again this week.

After hiking we drove north to meet some Uncles for strawberry picking. S and I were very unimpressed with the taste of the strawberries. We have been to this place before, maybe the month they are picked matters? Last year we went in May.

K2 had the best time. Better than anyone else. He didn’t seem to notice the inferior quality of the strawberry flavor. Every one he could get his hands on, he ate. Even molding ones. Kept parents on their toes, that’s for sure.

Sometimes vegan eating come from the desire to eat vegan, and others are based on what is on hand. This was a mix of both.

Vegan banana nut muffins. AKA no milk no egg. I linked the recipe in case you are interested. They were really good. The only difference I can state that I noted was that they were more firm once cooled than “normal” banana muffins. S said he liked them better that way. I was short one banana, so maybe that effected it. Not sure.

Lastly and sadly, this. Boston is under an attack of sorts. This was the coffee mug I used this morning.

I would like to say that I do not use travel mugs. I just take the regular ones out of the house. There are three reasons I can think of for that. One, it’s easy and does not require advanced planning. If I were to put coffee in a travel mug I would expect to have some in the car with me. If I finished it before leaving I would want more. Two, who says that I will put the mug down before it is empty? Rendering no need for a travel mug and all it’s safety. Three, I have no attachment to any of our travel mugs. They were free form previous employers or vendors. I love all our regular mugs. I bought them all. 

Even this one in the picture. I bought it for S on a trip to MA shortly after we started dating. I am the weirdo of all my friends who always seems to fly into Logan, even though I am perpetually going to Western MA. Whatever.

When I realized I was leaving the house with this in hand. I decided to share. I do care what is going on in Boston. I know people there. Locked down and such. I hope that everyone remains safe, and those to blame are apprehended. 

What did your week look like?

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