A Couple Weeks In Photos

Last week I decided to post something different on Friday and didn’t want to overload anyone. I failed to realize that I took so many photos on Instagram! That means there are tons of photos in this post. I will also add that this is even the abridged version. No not intentionally. Instagram has been having some crazy problems on my phone and shut the whole thing down a few times. The apparent result was that some photos that published to my IG feed saved onto my phone as black boxes. Grrr …. but eh, it’s okay.

The loves of my day really can be cute and sweet and loving to each other. It does not seem to be the most prevalent part of the day, but it is there. She slid her table over so they could be closer while eating. He loved every minute of it.

K1 loves Thomas. She received these pajamas for Christmas from a local “uncle”. I really wanted to take a picture of her in them to send to him. I asked her if I could take a picture of her for Uncle J, and she said “no, take a picture for B and Uncle D … oh and Uncle J too.”

If you build it, they will play. Thank goodness for 10 minutes crying free. Oh and yes that is a blanket cape. You know your 5 year old self is jealous.

At Christmas I make chocolate butterscotch nut cluster things. I give them as gifts to our neighbors, and bring them to random holiday parties. It is something easy and I know no one else will be bringing the same thing, or anything like it really.

On of my friends liked them so much, he asked if I would make him more. Then he delivered the ingredients to my house, for two batches. I finished his tax returns and decided that was a good time to make the second batch. It’s strange to me that when my son was newborn the smell of the chocolate and butterscotch melting made me so sick feeling I couldn’t even finish. I swore it was the strongest smell ever, and now I have no idea what I was talking about. Hah!

Cutie pies snacking. They also are quiet, give them food. (no sleep doesn’t silence them. K1 talks and K2 crys)

She loves her daddy. She loves phones. Hello Sunday morning. This is heaven for her, really. They weren’t even doing anything fun, they were just checking the news.

Sunday fun-day! After breakfast I planned to let the little miss help me plant all my spring time goodies. It turned into a family affair, and a great time. I really loved every minute of it. I am surprised becuase it is not a very large space, and it is easy for everyone infringe on each others space. Up until the very end both kiddos were great, putting dirt and seeds in the right places, and playing with things that were unimportant. We need a back yard, but for now this will do.

I also hope that I don’t run into any slug issues like I did in the fall. I also want to attract enough birds to ease the cabbage worm problem that we will have in May/June. (just like last year) Only time will tell.Either way for me it is fun.

Trouble 1, and trouble 2 are both doing things that are less than ideal. It’s nice to get out and about in the sunshine. It’s warming up, although I don’t want it to hurry up too much. I am not looking forward to 100 degree weather.

While my fall harvest was devastated repeatedly by slugs the garden we planted at Uncle D’s was not. Yay. You can’t see it, but the whole bottom of that basket is covered in layers of sugar snap peas. K1 loves to go and pick them right off of the plant and eat them. She things she’s winning one over on us by doing it. Hah. Too bad it’s the other way around.

The blossoms on the orange tree smell amazing, and there are tons of them right now. Sometimes I try to stop and smell the roses (or orange blossoms), you know appreciate the beauty in life and such.

Anyone wanna tell me why Victoria’s Secret comes to a house full of men? Anyone?

To her it’s a “book”. She’s happy, we’re happy. Five more minutes of pea harvesting.

Hello animal planet in my back yard.

Jeanett (from http://liferearranged.com/ ) brought ladybugs into her garden a few weeks ago and talked about the silly things they were doing and the things her kids said. It still didn’t prepare me for my daughter telling me how silly they ladybugs were riding on each others backs. Why yes, yes they are. She thought it was quite funny.

I have been doing the readings for my class homework at the gym. What is nice about that is that it has kind of gotten my eating back on track. I made kale smoothies several days last week. Then there was this for lunch. Yea don’t worry I didn’t go all crazy, those are still chips in the back. My kids liked it too, as soon as they can figure out how to eat it.

Teething. All.day.long. It has been so long that I forgot what that was like. I finally gave him some pain reliever around 5, and then there was this. K1 and one of our neighbors were so nice to him and worried about him. They were fighting over who was going to push him around.

He doesn’t know how lucky he is.

St Patricks day parade seat.

Yes, we viewed a large portion of the parade like this. I didn’t realize her butt was so in his face. Oops. He didn’t tell me.

Big wheeled bikes? Yes please. I think they want one, almost.

More homework. Seriously, it is never ending. I have another essay due. Already. Gah!

Sometimes I get so caught up at keeping my children entertained I forget to do fun stuff. It is also difficult at times with two kiddos so far apart in milestones. I set this up for K1 and our little neighbor friend to paint together. I then went back and turned their creation into a bird feeder. (to attract to my container garden. I’m all about multi tasking)

If you focus on the middle of this photo you can see a moth. One of the kinds that like to mimic hummingbirds. He was angry I was uprooting his hang out. Too bad his hang out was where I want to grow pumpkins and watermelon. See ya!

After a long afternoon of evicting moths, snacks are in order, and this was the most popular seat in the house. Well with all people under the age of 3 anyway.

Happy Friday!

What did your week look like?

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