2014 Goals

I have a confession to make.


I am not sure the goals I listed for 2014 are challenging enough.


That being said I have revisited my list and made a few updates that I am sharing with you here. Why? Because I think that it will make me more accountable if I put it out there like this.


Goals for 2014

The updates from my previous post are in green.


  • Save, again – Last year we did save some, but things happened and we had to use it all for various things. At this moment we have a teeny, tiny, savings. We need to work on that. Get back to where saving was second nature.
  • Continue working towards a healthier body – both through diet and exercise. We don’t eat terribly, but we still could eat better at times.
  • Plan a wedding – did you think I forgot about this? Well, I didn’t.
  • Get more organized and focused on home schooling – yes K1 is only at a preschool level, but if I want to seriously consider hybrid homeschooling for kindergarten then I need to get a better handle on things today, while it is still easy.
  • Knit something for myself – I enjoy crafting and knitting in particular, but I hardly make anything for myself. The cardi I knit for myself is not really wearable. It is much to big now. I am considering pulling it all out and reknitting it in a smaller size, but not sure it’s a great idea.
  • Wear more dresses – my daughter is a girly girl. Inside I want to dress nice more often, but it seems so easy to just put on jeans and a T-shirt that I often don’t even try. When I was a manager skirts and dresses weren’t even an option, so my closet is full of dress pants and polo’s. Not very feminine. I want to try and make a change. There was a dress in a store window that I was eyeing and K1 said “I can’t wait to get bigger and wear a dress like that.” She is not even four yet! However, it made me think I should go for it, just a little more than I do now. Besides putting on a dress, all that has to match are your shoes. Easy, right?
  • Do one craft a month with the kids – this is a minimum. I need to focus on a monthly goal so I decided one was a good number for our life right now. Some months we might do more, but hopefully never less.
  • Make a once a month date night happen – I’m not sure there is much to explain for this. Not necessarily all out and about, but if it’s a date night at home I want to make it special somehow.
  • Make a once a month “Mommy” day – I’m not big on taking time for myself, and I want to do better. So I need to make plans and do something without the family every now and then. You know, so that I can remember that I like me.
  • Complete one of my own crafts a month – I like crafting things too! For our home, for friends, for Christmas gifts. I want to start all that early so I am not cramming it in at the end of the year.


I think that is a more challenging and accurate list, don’t you?


What are your goals for 2014?

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2 Responses to '2014 Goals'

  1. Kari says:

    I love the amendments. Especially dressing up more and date nights. I made a pledge to myself to do almost the same this year. Dressing up for me is nice jeans, nice shirt and throw some make up on. Doesn’t seem like alot, but for me it’s huge. Also this year Adam and I started “dating” each other again. Even if it’s just a movie on the couch one night a week. It’s been an amazing change. <3

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