2013 Goal Wrap up

Last year I put together a list of goals for myself, and a little bit for our family. Let me see how we did.

  • Save, save, save, budget, budget, budget.  Pretty much a fail on this one entirely! We are so far from “on track” it isn’t funny. We will work on this again this year, but I have a different approach in mind.
  • Try to incorporate more vegan meals.We did pretty well with this overall. I even came up with a few of my own vegan recipes. One I shared with you guys.
  • Get in better shape. I did okay with this. Last January came with an unexpected set back, my dog being attacked. I weigh less now than I did last January, and I look better too. I am just not where I had hoped to be.
  • Find a part time job. Done!
  • Complete two college classes. Done! I even signed up for two classes for this semester, well I am on the waitlist, but pretty confident I will get in.


Goals for 2014


I think I will go along with many of the same goals as last year. Also I am still not the resolution type, just in case you were curious.

  • Save, again – Last year we did save some, but things happened and we had to use it all for various things. At this moment we have a teeny, tiny, savings. We need to work on that. Get back to where saving was second nature.
  • Continue working towards a healthier body – both through diet and exercise. We don’t eat terribly, but we still could eat better at times.
  • Plan a wedding – did you think I forgot about this? Well, I didn’t.
  • Get more organized and focused on home schooling – yes K1 is only at a preschool level, but if I want to seriously consider hybrid homeschooling for kindergarten then I need to get a better handle on things today, while it is still easy.
  • Knit something for myself – I enjoy crafting and knitting in particular, but I hardly make anything for myself. The cardi I knit for myself is not really wearable. It is much to big now. I am considering pulling it all out and reknitting it in a smaller size, but not sure it’s a great idea.


What are your goals for 2014?

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3 Responses to '2013 Goal Wrap up'

  1. Pj Southall says:

    “Save, save, save, budget, budget, budget. Pretty much a fail on this one entirely!”

    This was a fail for me as well. 🙁 But with a new year comes new opportunity 😀 I am very interested in hearing about your different approach that you have in mind for your budget.^^

    This year one of my main goals is to build a hydroponics garden. and exercise weekly (at least)

  2. Cheshire Cat says:

    Weight loss is hard, especially since muscle weighs more than fat. I’m glad you feel better about yourself tho! For me its more about being able to do and feeling better than the scale.

  3. I think you made amazing progress on your goals! I also did a weight loss/fitness resolution for 2013 and had to regroup to continue in 2014 because I’m not 100% where I want to be. keep going! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting…I really appreciate it! I, too, blog by night. LOL

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